How to create user in huawei olt and Huawei olt password change

If you are using Huawei olt and planning to change the default user name and password and also want to create a new user then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will describe detail how to change Huawei olt password and create a new user at Huawei olt step by step.

Let’s start

Step 1 : Access huawei olt default ip address

In this step, we will connect our computer to Huawei olt via telnet. By default, Huawei OLT has a default IP address

To access IP address we need to connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the Huawei olt ETH port. At the command line interface, you will find this port named meth0.

ETH port is designed only for management; you can’t use this port for passing traffic to customers. This ETH port is isolated from other ports.

After connecting the cable from the ETH port to Computer need to change the computer IP to

Now you can reach the IP address Using the ping command from the pc we can make sure the connectivity

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Now will log in to olt via telnet using putty software 

User name: root

User password: admin or admin123


MA5608T> enable


Step 2 : Huawei olt password change

huawei olt password change

For changing Huawei olt root password we have to login in to config mode. Then use the below command to change the root password



MA5608T(config)#terminal user password

User Name(<=15 chars):root

Old Password(<=15 chars):

New Password(length<8,15>):

Using this command, you can easily change the root password

Step 3 : How to create user in huawei olt

For creating new users at Huawei olt its very simple. Use the below command for creating new user



MA5608T(config)#terminal user name

User Name(length<6,15>):smartnetworkgeek

User Password(length<6,15>):

User profile name(<=15 chars)[root]:

Permitted Reenter Number(0–4):4

Using the above command we successfully create a new user


In this article, we tried to describe details about how to change the root password at Huawei olt and also create a new user at Huawei olt.  

Hope this guide will help you to operate your Huawei olt.

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