What is OLT and ONT in FTTH Details Guide 2022

Nowadays the internet is the most essential need for our modern life. We can even think about our smart life without the internet. We are taking internet service from an ISP/ Telecom Operator. But do you know how they provide internet service to your home, office using optical fiber cable? Do you know what is olt and ont in ftth?

If you want to know more about ODN (Optical Distribution Network) stay tuned with this article we will describe details.

What is FTTH Technology

FTTH (Fiber to the home) is the modern technology that delivers communication signals over optical fiber from operator switch to home or office. FTTH is a relevantly new and fast-growing technology to deliver high-speed data to consumers using optical fiber.

Fiber is much better for broadband internet service 

FTTH technology there are two types of passive optical networks EPON and GPON. EPON supports up to 64 splitting ratios and GPON network support up to 128 splitting ratios. R u confused about the splitting ratio. In the fiber-optic network, we use PLC Spliciter for Splitting the fiber core. Like if you have 1 core and you want to more core then we need to use a splitter.

There are several types of Splitter available in the market according to wavelength like 1:2 Splitter, 1:4 Splitter, 1:8 Splitter, 1:16 Splitter. 1:32 Splitter etc.

FTTH network PON Module Splitter Patch OLT are essential equipment.

GPON technology bandwidth capacity is higher than EPON technology. EPON Network each pon port bandwidth capacity is 1.25GBS upload and download both same

But GPON network has some differences. GPON Network Bandwidth capacity each pon port 1.25 GB for Upload and 2.5 GB for Download.

What is OLT in Networking

OLT stands for Optical line terminal. It’s a network device used for PON (Passive optical network) networks. OLT is directly connected to the core network switch and its distributed optical signal using a pon port. Each port transmits an optical laser and this laser is distributed by a PLC splitter. There are different types of plc splitter like 1:2. 1:4, 1:8, 1:16 etc.

There are mainly two types of OLT available in the market. GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network) and GPON (Gigabit passive optical network)

The main advantage of OLT Network is you can manage everything of your network, previously it was not possible MC (Media Converter) Network. Using OLT easily can configure last end devices like onu also we can manage this onu.

Even using OLT we can pass VLAN to ONU. so that we can easily make a reliable secured network using OLT.

What is ONT in Networking

ONT stands for optical network terminal, It’s a network device that is used for receiving optical signals. FTTH technology ont used as an endpoint device that received optical signals and transmitted ethernet signals using a LAN port. ONT and ONU (Optical network unit) both are the same devices for the PON network.

There are different types of ONU available in the market like EPON, GPON, XPON, also Wifi ONU. If you have epon network then you need to use Epon onu and If u have GPON network then you need to use GPON ONU at the customer premises.

Xpon onu can be used at both networks. it will support EPON network as well as GPON network

There are other types of ONU available that is called ONU+Router. This type of onu used no need to purchase a router. Wifi ONU will work as a router.


Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology is modern technology. Day by day this technology demand are increasing and hope you will understand about What is OLT and ONT in FTTH.

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