Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together?- Simply Answered

In my 8 years of experience as an IT guy, I almost never found the right length of Ethernet Cables while connecting multiple devices. You either have to cut and waste some of your ethernet cables or your ethernet cables will run short.  So, what can be the solution? 

Like other types of cables joining two ethernet cables can be a simple solution. But can I connect 2 ethernet cables together?

Yes, it’s possible to connect 2 ethernet cables together. How?

That’s what we are going to find out in this article. Moreover, I am going to describe ways to connect two ethernet cables, their pros and cons along with some related things. So, stick here till the end.

Let’s start by briefly describing our question. 

Can You Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together?

Yes, you can connect 2 ethernet cables together by using an Ethernet coupler/ RJ45 coupler or splicing two Ethernet cables together.

However, short-range ethernet cables are inexpensive and if you join two ethernet cables together then there might be slight disruptions in the signal. So, bear in mind that joining two ethernet cables will reduce your performance. 

So, I would not suggest connecting 2 ethernet cables together for professional usage. However, if you are using it for home or you don’t need high performance then we can move on to how to connect two ethernet cables together to make it longer.

How To Connect Two Ethernet Cables Together To Make It Longer

There are several ways to connect 2 ethernet cables together. However, the simplest and most non-technical method is to use an RJ45 Coupler. So, let’s start with it.

Connect Two Ethernet Cables Together Using  RJ45 Coupler

Connecting two ethernet cables together using an RJ45 coupler or ethernet coupler is just plug and play. You just need to insert the cables into two female ends of the connector and the work is done. 

However, if the cables are torn apart then it’s not the easiest thing. Because then you have to connect the cables with RJ45 Ends. For joining the ends with the cable you will also require an ethernet Cable Cutter & Stripper. 

If you have the above tools then follow these simple steps

  • Cut the torn apart part of your cable with your cable cutter & stripper. 
  • Now insert the ethernet patch into  RJ45 ends. 
  • Make sure you have put each part of the cable on different holes of the RJ45 ends. 
  • Then use your cable cutter & stripper again to splice it to the ends and it’s done. 

Keep in mind that different types of cables can be compatible with different RJ45 couplers. So, if you have a CAT6 cable then buy a CAT6 cable RJ45 coupler

Well, this is how you connect two ethernet cables together using ethernet couplers. But can ethernet couplers reduce speed? 

Let’s find out. 

Do Ethernet Couplers Reduce Speed?

No, ethernet couplers do not reduce speed. Because once the connection is established then the speed remains the same. However, ethernet couplers can cause packet loss. As a result, throughput gets reduced and performance drops.

So, using a lot of ethernet couplers is not recommended for high-end users. Now let’s have a look at some of the other methods to connect two ethernet cables without a coupler.

If you want to know more about does long ethernet cable reduces internet speed have a look this article Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

How To Connect Two Ethernet Cables Without A Coupler

If you have a little bit of technical skills then you can try the below methods to connect two ethernet cables without a coupler. Here are 2 simple methods for connecting two ethernet cables without a coupler

1. Splice Two Ethernet Cables Together

Like any other cable, you can splice two ethernet cables together. However, you need to be careful as an ethernet cable contains several segments inside. But this process can be quite easy if you follow our instructions properly. First, let’s have a look at what you will require 

Instruments Required 

  1. Cable Cutter 
  2. Duck Tape/Wire nuts 
  3. Liquid Tape 

Now let’s look at how you can splice two ethernet cables together

  • First, cut the last part for both of the ethernet cables with a Cable Cutter. 
  • Now separate each segment of the ethernet cables according to the colors. 
  • After that, splice each part of the ethernet cables together with your hand. 
  • Keep in mind that you need to match the colors otherwise it won’t work. 
  • Then apply  Liquid Tape to each of the joints and let them dry. 
  • Lastly, apply duck tape or wire nuts to the joints. 

This is what you need to do to splice two ethernet cables together. Simple, isn’t it? 

Well, now let’s learn our second method. 

2. Solder Two Ethernet Cables Together

Soldering two ethernet cables together is more complex than any other methods mentioned above. So, if you are not an expert I would recommend not doing this. 

Moreover, I believe it won’t be worth the effort if you don’t have the required tools and experience. But still, as we promised to show all the ways so I will talk about this too. 

Instruments Required 

  1. Soldering Kit
  2. Duck Tape/Wire nuts 

Follow the below steps for soldering 2 ethernet cables together. 

  • Cut about half an inch of the ethernet cables. 
  • Separate different sections of the cables. 
  • Now use your Soldering Kit
  • First heat up the Soldering pen. 
  • Then match the colors of the sections and apply the heat to each section of the cables.
  • After that, let the cable cool. 
  • Remember you need each section separate. So don’t join them together with your Soldering pen. 
  • Lastly, apply wire nuts to the cables, and you are done. 

So, this is how to connect two ethernet cables without a coupler. But are these effective? 

Yes, both of these methods are useful. However, in the splicing method packet loss will be more present. So, the throughput can get reduced. As a result, the performance drops. But the speed remains the same. 

On the other hand, soldering ethernet cables together provide better output. Yes, there is still packet loss. But it’s a lot less than the other methods. 

So, a question might come to your mind, can you connect 2 ethernet cables together without losing performance? 

Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together Without Losing Performance?

Yes, you can connect 2 ethernet cables together without losing performance. To do this you need to use a network switch instead of  Ethernet coupler/ RJ45 or the other methods. 

As a result, this solution is going to be expensive. So, if you are not concerned about performance then it’s not the optimal solution. But if you have an extra switch and don’t want to waste your ethernet cables then you can try this. 

Using A Switch To Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together 

This method is pretty simple. You will just require one inexpensive unmanaged switch and an optimal place. To do this 

  • Get your unmanaged switch. 
  • Choose an optimal place in your house or office. 
  • Choosing an optimal place is important as it will help you to connect the cables and use the switch for other devices too. As a result, you can maximize your switch usage and use more ports of the swich. 
  • Lastly, connect the cables with the switch and it’s done. 

If you use this method then there will be little or no reduced throughput or performance drops. Moreover, it won’t only help you get the best performance but also show you if the connection is ok or not with the LED indicators. 

Now if you are trying to get a switch then check out our article on Unmanaged switches.

Furthermore, if you want to connect 2 ethernet cables together for professional usage then I would suggest you not to. Instead, get an ethernet cable reel. This will reduce the waste of cables as you can measure to use the cables according to your need and it won’t affect performance either. 

I think by now you have gotten a hold of whether you can connect 2 ethernet cables together or not. So, it’s time to look at some FAQs related to it. 


1. Can You Connect Two Ethernet Cables One Router?

For most routers, there is one uplink port and several ethernet or LAN ports. So, yes you can connect two or more ethernet cables to one router, Moreover, with an RJ45 connector, you can connect even two split cables together. But remember the cables have to be from the same type or generation.

2. Does Ethernet splitter reduce speed?

Well, it depends on your connection speed. If you have a 100 Mbps connection then no, splitters won’t reduce your speed. However, if you have a connection of 1 Gbps then your connection speed will get severely reduced.

3. Can I daisy chain Ethernet cables?

No, you can not use daisy chain technology in ethernet cables. Because ethernet uses a point-to-point connection. So, no daisy caning or extra jack is possible with ethernet.


I hope I have simply answered can I connect 2 ethernet cables together or not. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. 

All the methods mentioned here are tested by me and my team. So, you can implement any of them without worrying. 

Moreover, if you want to purchase any instruments mentioned here then you can purchase them from a trusted source like Amazon. Otherwise, you can get faulty products and your network performance will drop. 

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