Blinking Green Light On Router- Meaning and Solves In 2023

Generally, a blinking green light on router indicates your router’s traffic or usage. However, it can vary depending on the make and model of your router

Is the blinking green light on router causing a connectivity issue? 

Though blinking green light normally shows that the router is functioning normally and is actively transmitting or receiving data. 

But it can be an issue for some routers. So, in this post, I will write about the meaning of a blinking green light on router, if it causes an issue then how to solve it, and all the related queries. 

Blinking Green Light On Router Meaning 

The meaning of the blinking green light on router depends on which light is blinking. As we all know most routers have multiple LED indicators with labels or signs. From them usually, the LAN and WLAN LED blinks which indicates your router’s traffic or usage. 

However, every router is different and has different LED indicators. So, the meaning of a blinking green light will depend on the LED label or sign. Here are some of the most common meaning labels and their meaning

  • Power: In case the power LED is blinking then it might be because of a power outage or firmware update. 
  • WiFi: If the wifi sign is steady then your connection is ok. But in case, it’s blinking then either your router is having a wireless issue or it is the traffic is too heavy. 
  • Internet: When your internet light blinking on router, it means your router is trying to connect to the internet. 

Moreover, the green blinking light also happens when you are transferring files using your network.

These are some of the most usual meanings of your router blinking green light. However, if it’s not normal for your router then there might be an issue. So, Why is my internet light blinking green and how do you fix it?

Why Is My Router Blinking Green And Not Working?

In case your router LED is unusually blinking green and not working, then there might be one of the following issues 

  • The internet cable might be loose or damaged. 
  • There might be an internet outage in your area. 
  • Your router might not be updated or require an update to the latest firmware. 
  • There can also be a configuration error caused by any recent change in network settings. 
  • This could also mean network congestion which indicates your router is connected to more devices than it can support.
  • It might be because of the router cache. 

These are some of the probable reasons behind your router blinking green. So, how do you solve the blinking green light on a router?

How Do I Fix The Blinking Light On My Router

Though the actual fix depends on your router’s make and model. However, the below troubleshooting methods work for most of the router issues. So, you can try these  

Check The Ethernet Cables 

Ethernet cables are sensitive and they can get easily damaged. So, you should first check if the cables are properly connected to your router or not. Then start checking the entire cable. If you find torn apart cable then you can try connecting the cables with the RJ45 coupler

In case, your cable is damaged then you might need to change the cable. 

Restart Your Router 

If the router blinking green no internet and it is caused by the router cache or network congestion then restarting your router will solve the issue.  So, restart your router manually then see then reconnect it with the internet cable. 

Update Your Router Firmware 

Every router needs regular firmware updates to cope with the new network protocols. So, the router blinking green no internet might be caused because of outdated firmware. So, updating to the latest firmware will solve your issue. 

Reset Your Router

In case your router is blinking because of a configuration error then resetting your router to the default setting will solve the blinking. To reset your router, press the reset button for 5 seconds. 

Now, reconfigure your router and see if it works or not. 

Contact Your ISP

If none of the above methods work then there might be an issue with your connection. Contact your ISP to find out and get professional help. 

These are some of the troubleshooting you can do by yourself to solve the router blinking green no internet issue.

Blinking green light should not be an issue for most routers. However, a blinking green light is a worrying thing for Xfinity routers and modems. So, what does Xfinity router flashing green no internet mean?

What Does Xfinity Router Flashing Green No Internet Mean?

Xfinity router flashing green light means your router or modem is struggling to connect with the internet and you have an unstable connection. 

Xfinity routers are great in terms of performance and network stability. But unlike other routers, a blinking green light is always a negative sign in Xfinity routers. Because a blinking green light in Xfinity routers indicates an issue with your internet connection and the router can not connect to the server. 

That is why you get no internet when your Xfinity router flashes green. So, how to fix the blinking green light Xfinity?

How To Fix Xfinity Gateway  Blinking Green 

Solving the Xfinity blinking green light issue is easier than others. Because we have an idea why this is happening. Moreover, the troubleshooting process is quite similar. Here is how to solve it 

  • Log into the xFi App then you will find out whether it is a no internet error or not. 
  • Then contact your ISP and find out if there is an internet outage or not.  
  • If the above things do not solve then reboot your router because it can be caused by network congestion or overheating. 
  • Next, you should reset your router to the factory settings. After that setup your router again.
  • In case your Xfinity router blinking green after reset then check your internet cable and find out whether there is any damage or not. 
  • If the issue still exists then call your ISP and get professional help. 

This is how you solve the Xfinity gateway blinking green light.  

In case the above methods do not work then there can be a hardware issue with your Xfinity router. So, call Xfinity support and claim a warranty. 

By this time we have found out why the blinking green light on router happens, how to solve it, and how can you troubleshoot the Xfinity gateway blinking green light.  Now, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions. 


Here are some of the most asked questions related to the blinking green light on router. 

Why Is My Router Flashing Orange Light? 

For most routers flashing orange light indicates an internet outage or your router can not connect to the internet. So, if this happens to you contacting your ISP is your best option to solve the issue. 

Why Is My Router Not Detecting Internet?

Your router might not detect the internet due to a loose or damaged cable, internet outage, network congestion, overheating, misconfiguration, and firmware issues. To solve it try rebooting the router. In case that does not work then call your ISP and they will solve it for you.    

What Lights Should Be On My Router?

Your router should have an internet LED light, one or multiple WiFi lights, a LAN light, and a power light. These are the most common lights present in a router. However, depending on the make and model of your router the LED indicator lights might vary.

Which Light Should Blink On Router?

For most modern routers normally, the LAN and WLAN lights should blink.  However, every router manufacturer has a different design, and many areas use different network technology. So, the lights might vary depending on your router brand and location.

In Summary

For most routers the blinking green light on router is normal and it means your router is connected to the internet. However, if it’s not usual for your router’s model then try our troubleshooting method. It will solve your internet issue. 

In case it does not work then there might be a hardware issue. So, contact your router’s manufacturer and claim your warranty.  

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