Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together?- Simply Answered

In my 8 years of experience as an IT guy, I almost never found the right length of Ethernet Cables while connecting multiple devices. You either have to cut and waste some of your ethernet cables or your ethernet cables will run short.  So, what can be the solution?  Like …

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What Is MTU In Networking?- Simply Explained

MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is a networking term used to indicate the maximum packet size that can be transmitted over a network.  Tired of trying to make your internet connection faster? Or just looking for a way to optimize your connection?   Well, what if I tell you it can …

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Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed

Does long ethernet cable reduce speed? No, it does not. But there is a 100 meters or 328 ft. limit. The 100 meters limit can be different for different types of ethernet cable. But a longer ethernet cable can bring a significantly low increase in latency. So, is that all …

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Do Network Switches Have IP Addresses?

Do Network Switches Have IP Addresses

Whether a network switch has an IP address or not completely depends on the type of the network switch. Because some network switches like layer 3 have an IP address while layer 2 switches don’t have an IP address.   Confused? Well, network equipment can be confusing. Even as a …

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Will a Wireless Router Work Without Internet?

Will a wireless router work without internet? Yes, a wireless router will work without the internet. But a router can only create a LAN or both wired and wireless network to communicate and share files among the connected devices without the internet.  Amazed?  To be frank, your wireless router can …

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How Many Network Switches Can Be Connected to a Router?


In our modern life, we are using lots of smart devices that are connected to the internet via a router. Wireless device connected to the router wirelessly but for cable connection, we need network switch. But do you know how many network switches can be connected to a router? Well, …

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What are the Types of Network Cabling

Network Cabling

Are you looking for a cabling system for any network? But you don’t clearly understand the different types of network cabling systems. I am here to help you. Computer network data are travel from one network device to another network device through a medium like a cable connection and wireless …

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