Huawei OLT Configuration step by step Guide 2022

Huawei is a well-known brand for networking equipment like switch routers and lots of products. If you are planning to deploy your secured network for your ISP telecom operator you need OLT (Optical Line Terminal). Huawei olt is the best solution for your network. Do you have a Huawei OLT, do you face problems with the initial configuration?

Don’t worry, in this article, you will learn details about Huawei olt configuration step by step guide also Huawei OLT configuration commands.

Let’s start

Step 1 : Access huawei olt default ip address

In this step, we will connect our computer to Huawei olt via telnet. By default, Huawei OLT has a default IP address To access IP we need to connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the Huawei olt ETH port. At the command line interface, you will find this port named meth0.

ETH port is designed only for management; you can’t use this port for passing traffic to customers. This ETH port is isolated from other ports.

After connecting cable from ETH port to Computer need to change computer IP to

Now you can reach the IP address Using ping command from pc we can make sure the connectivity


Now will log in to olt via telnet using putty software 

User name: root

User password: admin or admin123


MA5608T> enable


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Step 2 : Service board Confirmation

In this step, we will check how many service boards are attached with the olt. Service board normally EPON and GPON available. By default the Huawei 5608T has the option to add 2 service boards, 5800 x7 model support 7 pcs service board, 5800×17 support 17 pcs service board.

First, we will check how many service boards are detected by OLT and confirm those boards for workable.


MA5608T> enable

MA5608T# config

MA5608T(config)# display board 0

Using this command a list of attached boards will display with auto_find status. now we will confirm those board

MA5608T(config)# board confirm 0/0

MA5608T(config)# board confirm 0/1

MA5608T(config)# display board 0

MA5608T(config)# save

That’s all now olt board show in normal or Active_normal status

Step 3 : Assign IP Address to vlan Huawei

In this step, we will allocate an IP address to VLAN Huawei olt for our remote management. We will assign IP address to VLAN 100 and the gateway/router IP address is (Ip address will change according to your network).

First, we will create VLAN 100 and assign this VLAN 100 to uplink port 3. 



MA5608T(config)#vlan 100 smart

MA5608T(config)#vlan name 100 management

MA5608T(config)#port vlan 102 0/2 2



That’s all we have successfully created VLAN and assign it to uplink port 3. Now we will assign the IP address



MA5608T(config)#interface VLAN 100

MA5608T(config-if-vlanif100)#ip address

MA5608T(config)#ip route-static

Ip address setup complete. Now we can reach Huawei olt by using this IP address from our local network. If you want to access from a remote network you need to assign a public IP address using the same procedure

Step 4 : Gpon Huawei Configuration

In this step, we will configure the gpon pon ports for the passing service using onu. Assume we will pass traffic using VLAN 101 to all pon ports using the below step.

  • Enable PON Ports
  • DBA Profile
  • Line Profile
  • Service Profile
  • how to add ont in huawei olt
  • Creating Service Port

All types of GPON OLT like VSOL Gpon OLT need to create DBA, LINE, Service profiles.

1. Enable PON Ports

In this step, we will enable pon ports for automatically found onu. When you connect onu to your network ONU will automatically be recognized by OLT. 

Assume we are using 5608T OLT with GPBD Service board where has 16 pon ports. We will enable pon port using the below command



MA5608T(config)#interface gpon 0/1

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 0 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 1 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 2 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 3 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 4 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 5 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 6 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 7 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 8 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 9 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 10 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 11 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 12 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 13 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 14 ont-auto-find enable

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#port 15 ont-auto-find enable

Using above command we have successfully enable all pon ports

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#display ont autofind 0

Using this command you can check if there any onu is attached to the olt

2. DBA Profile

In this step we will create a DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) Profile. In this profile we will declare ONU maximum bandwidth 1 GB



MA5608T(config)#dba-profile add profile-id 10 profile-name maxbw type4 max 1024000

Here profile ID is 10 and Profile name maxbw. You have to keep in knowledge DBA Profile ID 10 for future configuration

3. Line Profile

In this step we will create a line for vlan 101 . Here profile ID will 10 and profile name line_vlan_101

First we will create vlan 101 and assign to uplink port 3

huawei olt vlan configuration



MA5608T(config)#vlan 101 smart

MA5608T(config)#vlan name 101 PON

MA5608T(config)#port vlan 101 0/2 2



VLAN 101 Created successfully now we will make Line profile



MA5608T(config)#ont-lineprofile gpon profile-id 10 profile-name line_vlan_101

MA5608T(config-gpon-lineprofile-10)#tcont 1 dba-profile-id 10

MA5608T(config-gpon-lineprofile-10)#gem add 0 eth tcont 101

MA5608T(config-gpon-lineprofile-10)#gem mapping 0 0 vlan 101


Line profile creation complete

4. Service Profile

In this step we will create a service profile for vlan 101.

Let’s start

MA5608T(config)#ont-srvprofile gpon profile-id 10 profile-name Srv_vlan_101

MA5608T(config-gpon-srvprofile-10)#ont-port eth 1

MA5608T(config-gpon-srvprofile-10)#port vlan eth 1 translation 101 user-vlan 101

MA5608T(config-gpon-srvprofile-10)#ring check enable

MA5608T(config-gpon-srvprofile-10)#ring check resume-interval 120


Here service profile is is 10 and service profile name Srv_vlan_101

we have almost complete Huawei OLT Configuration step by step and have a few step for how to add ont in Huawei olt lets start

5. How to add ont in Huawei OLT/Huawei Ont Configuration

For adding ont / onu to huawei olt first need to find out onu serial number using below command



MA5608T(config)#interface gpon 0/1

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#display ont info 0 all

using this command we find out onu seriel number and the number is 48575443522C499D

now we will authorize onu to Huawei olt



MA5608T(config)#interface gpon 0/1

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#display ont info 0 all

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#ont add 0 0 sn-auth 48575443522C499D omci ont-lineprofile-id 10 ont-srvprofile-id 10 desc test

MA5608T(config-if-gpon-0/1)#ont port native-vlan 0 0 eth 1 vlan 101 priority 0

Onu address successfully now onu PON/REG led will stop blinking.

6. Creating Service Port

Now we will create service port for ONU using below command



MA5608T(config)#service-port 0 vlan 101 gpon 0/1/0 ont 0 gemport 0 multi-service user-vlan 101 tag-transform translate



Thats all onu adding complete.

If you need to delete ONT in Huawei olt have a look how to delete ONT in Huawei OLT


Huawei Gpon OLT configuration from command-line interface its a little bit difficult. But this article we described Huawei OLT Configuration step by step. Now you can easily configure Huawei olt configuration. If you have any queries regarding Huawei olt configuration you may contact us.

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  1. service-port 0 vlan 102 gpon 0/1/0 ont 0 gemport 0 multi-service user-vlan 102 tag-transform translate

    Why you change vlan id in service port ?? because you are using vlan 101 in each step but in last step you change vlan id to 102 .

    • HI Muhammad Nauman Sir

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      service-port 0 vlan 101 gpon 0/1/0 ont 0 gemport 0 multi-service user-vlan 101 tag-transform translate

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  2. Nice article .
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  3. Hi Halo

    My OLT console port was broken, i remote by ETH port, but accidently i change the IP and forgot, how can i reset manually my OLT?

    • Hi
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      You may try any other brand console cable it will work like vsol bdcom new console cable 115200 speed will work with huawei.


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