NETGEAR (GS324TP) Best 24 Port PoE Managed Switch USA In 2022

Best 24 Port PoE Managed Switch

Looking for a smart network switch or tired of your old unmanaged switch?   If affirmative, then this in-depth review can solve your issue.  As an IT professional, only a few switches amazed me and one of them is NETGEAR (GS324TP). Because it offers some of the most advanced features at …

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Best Unmanaged 24 Port PoE Gigabit Switch USA 2022

Best Unmanaged 24 Port PoE Gigabit Switch

Tired of all the ethernet cables lying around your house? Or looking for a reliable network switch?   If yes, then this in-depth review of Netgear (GS524PP) can solve all your problems at once. Because it will not solve the cable problem with power over ethernet. But it will provide the …

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Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed?

Does Long Ethernet Cable Reduce Speed

Does long ethernet cable reduce speed? No, it does not. But there is a 100 meters or 328 ft. limit. The 100 meters limit can be different for different types of ethernet cable. But a longer ethernet cable can bring a significantly low increase in latency. So, is that all …

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Do Network Switches Have IP Addresses?

Do Network Switches Have IP Addresses

Whether a network switch has an IP address or not completely depends on the type of the network switch. Because some network switches like layer 3 have an IP address while layer 2 switches don’t have an IP address.   Confused? Well, network equipment can be confusing. Even as a …

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Will a Wireless Router Work Without Internet?

Will a wireless router work without internet? Yes, a wireless router will work without the internet. But a router can only create a LAN or both wired and wireless network to communicate and share files among the connected devices without the internet.  Amazed?  To be frank, your wireless router can …

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How Many Network Switches Can Be Connected to a Router?


In our modern life, we are using lots of smart devices that are connected to the internet via a router. Wireless device connected to the router wirelessly but for cable connection, we need network switch. But do you know how many network switches can be connected to a router? Well, …

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Top 7 Best Router For Two Story House USA 2022

best router for 2 story house

Tired of your old router? Or shifting to a new two-story house? No matter what the reason is, a high-quality long-range router can make your life a lot easier. Especially in this time of a global pandemic. But picking the best router for two story house is not an easy …

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