Tp Link Vs Asus Router- Which One To Choose In 2023

Confused between tp link vs Asus Router?  Well, it’s pretty normal. Even after all these years of experience as an IT professional, I get confused while choosing between them.  Because Tp-Link and Asus make the best consumer-grade routers in the market. So, how do you choose between Tp link vs …

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Can I Connect 2 Ethernet Cables Together?- Simply Answered

In my 8 years of experience as an IT guy, I almost never found the right length of Ethernet Cables while connecting multiple devices. You either have to cut and waste some of your ethernet cables or your ethernet cables will run short.  So, what can be the solution?  Like …

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What Is MTU In Networking?- Simply Explained

MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is a networking term used to indicate the maximum packet size that can be transmitted over a network.  Tired of trying to make your internet connection faster? Or just looking for a way to optimize your connection?   Well, what if I tell you it can …

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How to reset BDCOM OLT / Switch 2023


Are you using bdcom networking devices, want to factory reset your devices. IF yes you are in the right place. BDCOM is a well-known brand for networking devices like OLT, ONU, Switch, Router specially PON (Passive Optical Network) products. If are you struggling with how to reset bdcom olt or …

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Best Router For 50 Mbps Speed in 2023

best router for 50 mbps

Are you struggling with your internet speed?  You have a 50 Mbps internet connection but don’t get good performance, if yes you are in the right place. Most of the time the internet provider gives a good connection but you don’t get the best performance due to your wireless router.  …

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Huawei OLT Troubleshooting Commands

Are you looking for Huawei olt troubleshooting commands? Huawei OLT is the most popular OLT for the FTTX network. If you are planning to create an FTTx network or if you have an existing network using Huawei olt, you must know basic troubleshooting commands for Huawei olt. There are many …

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